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I'm Fred Livingston, the President and Owner of Setco Scenic Services, LLC.  I've been in the film business for over 27 years.  I got my start in the Art Department on the movie Dallas The Early Years and moved quickly to Dallas the tv series; Robo Cop, and Problem Child.  I worked extensively in scene shops and exhibit builders in the Dallas area.  In the 90's I moved to Baltimore to coordinate Serial Mom, Silent Fall and the DC location of Clear and Present Danger.  All this led to the dream of opening my own Set Design Shop.  As you can see from my credits, my shop has handled so many great commercials and exhibits.
At Setco, it is always an adventure where every job is new and different.  I strive to meet the creative and budget needs of each client.  If you work with me, you will be very pleased with the designs and products we deliver. 

We would love to discuss with you your design ideas, and would be happy to provide you with bid pricing information.

Please give us a call or send us an email!